A dazzling night of
RnB & HipHop in CherryBay

Glitter & Gold

Spend the night grinding to RnB & HipHop
* included in Mega Deal
Glitter & Gold Ticket price :
Book Now for only 10,-

Glitz & Glam

It’s Friday night and time to get glamorous, get your best outfits on and head to CherryBay for a night of disco and debauchery.

Zante's Top DJ's

CherryBay is famous for having the best resident DJ’s and hosts on the island. On Friday nights you get even longer as they’ll be doing their thing until 8am!!!


The earlier you arrive for Glitter and Gold, the cheaper you can buy a bottle and live like a baller for the night. Starting from just €50 for a premium bottle and mixers, the prices will increase every hour. See you at midnight!

VIP Upgrade​

CherryBay now hosts 3 separate VIP areas, with tables so choose wisely. Option 1 pits you in the heart of the action, between the DJ box and the bar! The other 2 are a little more reserved but with exclusive bar access.

After Party

There’s no need for an after party when the event goes on until 8am… But if you’re mental, you might find some ravers at Ocean Inn up the road!

What's included

Standard Ticket 10,-

✔ Official Champagne Spray
After Party
✔ Free glitter face paint
✔ 5 Hours Disco & Debauchery
✔ Amazing Live Dj's and hosts
✔ HD videos and photos

Zante Mega Deal
Ultimate VIP Pass 30,-

✔ VIP Tidal Boat Party
✔ VIP Bar access Pure Presents
✔ VIP Bar access Champagne Spray
✔ €20 Bar credit at Danny T
✔ Priority boarding VIP queue jump


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Event Package Upgrade

Mega Deal

Simply the #1 Events package in Zante
All the best events in 1 Package
Zante Mega Deal price 135,-
Book Now for only 35,- deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, extremely. Your payments are protected by both VISA and Stripe, and we are a UK registered company (Holiday Box Office LTD).
2 Words… Glitter & Gold
This event runs from midnight until the venue closes (around 7am), it just depends how hardcore you guys are, but be sure to arrive early to make the most of the event and the discounted drinks at the bar.
If you’ve booked Zante Mega Deal, your Mega Deal wristband will grant you access to this event completely free. All you need to do is show it on the door and you can come and go as you please. If you don’t have Zante Mega Deal booked, there will be a charge of €10 on the door, however, these spaces will be limited so the earlier you arrive, the more chance you have of getting in.
We can’t tell you too much, but they will include some exclusive VIP upgrades, event tickets and much more. There’s only 1 way to find out.

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